CHI 2021 – Making Waves, Combining Strengths

Georgia Tech at the Premier Venue for HCI Research

Each year, the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2021) brings together top research from the Human-Computer Interaction community. As in many years past, Georgia Tech researchers have contributed an expansive list of papers, workshops, posters, and more. Welcome to Georgia Tech’s virtual CHI experience, focusing on the people, research, and societal impact of HCI.

Visualizing CHI

Discover CHI through a series of interactive visualizations. What are the top trends in HCI for the year, and who is contributing? Find out all that and more.

HCI and Health

The Covid-19 pandemic spawned and immediate response in the form of health research in the field this year. Learn more about Georgia Tech’s impact.

Research Up Close

From examining mental health help lines to makeup tutorials to tools to conserve machine learning energy consumption, researchers tackled a wide range of topics at CHI.


Explore more research through short videos submitted by Georgia Tech researchers, as well as an exclusive new episode of the Interaction Hour podcast.

CHI 2021 - Making Waves, Combining Strengths

CHI 2021 Program

Explore the CHI program in its entirety. Search research by author, explore Best Paper awards, and read abstracts from all the prestigious conference has to offer.