The Interaction Hour Podcast

The Interaction Hour podcast is joined by School of Interactive Computing Ph.D. student Upol Ehsan.

LISTEN: Did the Algorithm Blow My Sale?, featuring Upol Ehsan

Over the past half a decade or so, the field of deep learning has exploded. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are experiencing their moments in the spotlight – both in research corners and in popular culture. As with anything being given so much attention and hype, it’s difficult to separate the fact from the fiction.

A lot of effort has gone into opening the proverbial black box to better understand the AI. Not as much time has been spent on the other half of the equation: Humans.

Ehsan joins the podcast to discuss “social transparency,” a concept considering human and social factors in the practice of explainability in artificial intelligence. What role do humans play in the infrastructure of AI? How can a better understanding of this role lead to better design? For a successful human-AI relationship, do we need to gain trust in our technological counterparts – or do we already trust them too much?

Learn more about the research: Expanding Explainability: Towards Social Transparency in AI Systems (Upol Ehsan, Q. Vera Liao, Michael Muller, Mark O. Riedl, Justin D. Weisz)

CHI Lightning Talks

For the second consecutive year, the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems will be held remotely due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

While our researchers won’t be able to present there research to the typically packed rooms in person, they will be sharing virtually with their peers throughout the world. We are also giving them an opportunity to highlight their contributions in these short lightning talks that provide background and context to impacts across a wide swath of disciplines.

This section will be updated at the beginning of the CHI 2021 conference…